Lunch cruise at the Guinguette chez Gégène

Day cruise with lunch in the most famous of Guinguettes

La Guinguette «Chez Gégène» is a real institution. Known throughout the world as the most famous of the Guinguette restaurants on the banks of the Marne, it is located in Joinville le Pont, for a season that starts mid-April and ends mid-December.

Today, Chez Gégène is an unmissable place, at the crossroads of tradition and a renewed modernity. Every weekend, we dance to the sound of the Musette music, but also on wild tunes and more modern rhythms.


On the Seine, you will discover the monuments of the centre and east of Paris: The Louvre and Notre-Dame pass before your eyes. At the confluence of the Seine and the Marne, you witness the operation of a first lock, the Saint Maurice lock. Quickly, you branch off to enter the Canal de Saint Maur and its 590-metre Tunnel. You find the Marne a loop further, sail along some of its bucolic villages, the boat crosses the islands that house guinguettes and charming hotels.
You arrive at Joinville-le-Pont, the boat moors in front of the famous Guinguette.
A special menu awaits you for a casual and festive lunch.

After a moment dedicated to Idleness or dance, it’s time to get back on the road and enjoy the beauty of the landscape that passes before your eyes again.


You will remember this moment spent out of time for a long time!

What you will see on a cruise «chez Gégène»
  • Solférino marina, Orsay Museum
  • Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Saint Maurice lock
  • Saint Maur tunnel
  • Joinville-le-Pont
  • The Guinguette restaurant « Chez Gégène »

Cruise available for groups
From 40 persons


From 78 euros per person

Practical Information

Duration of the cruise : 7h30

Departure at 9:30 pm – Return around 5pm

Departure : Solférino Marina (Orsay Museum)

Arrival : Solférino Marina (Orsay Museum)

Meet at 08h45 at the bottom of 23 quai Anatole France, below the Musée d’Orsay, PARIS 7°.
Metro 12: Solferino or RER C: Musée d’Orsay.

Cruise available for groups

From 40 persons

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Private Cruise

You can organize the day trip by boat with lunch at Chez Gégène as part of a privatization. You will be master on board and can decorate the boat room, as well as the terrace, as you wish. Our business associates are experts in privatization. Contact us, we can fulfill your desires and organize a completely original private day cruise, which will leave your guests a wonderful memory.

Chez Gégène, a place steeped in history

Chez Gégène was taken over in 1918 by Eugène Favreux, dit le Gégène, who gave his new name to an establishment which until then was a barge pulled on the bank. The Guinguette offers classic distractions – petanque, swings… – but also more spectacular and exotic, such as the dromedary, which attracts many curious people.

On the Marne, one canoes, one sometimes engages in epic jousts under the clamors of the crowd that walks by the water. The «Roaring Twenties» are in full swing and so is the party.

The temple of the Musette spirit …

In its modern sense, the ball musette is a popular ball, often country, where one usually dances to the sound of the accordion on different musical genres : the java which is a specific dance born from the musette perhaps the only dance of two that was really born in France.

But more generally, the Musette spirit is today an attitude, relaxed, festive and without fuss, a way to spend the day or a weekend, by the water in serenity. With the lunch cruise at Chez Gégène, you are at the heart of this spirit!

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