Paris Canal

Paris Canal – Paris in a different way !

The experience of historic Company – Love of Paris


Paris Canal company, a key player of the Seine and canals of Paris

We are specialists in cruises on the Seine, the Marne and the canals of Paris. We offer all types of cruises and we have the ability to adapt to your needs. Unusual cruises, romantic, atypical, magical, touristic, we make you discover the canals of Paris, the Seine and the Marne as you have never seen them ! 

40 years of history

Paris Canal was created in 1977. Since then, we have been living the life of Saint Martin canal with passion.  We know every nooks and crannies of it, the strangest memories, we are the custodians of the magical and tumultuous past of this part of Paris.


A team of experts

Our sales team are trained and passionate to bring you the best service and build unforgettable moments with you.


Our businesses




Our passion for the canals

What drives us? To make live a unique experience, to make known and transmit this Paris «differently» sheltered from mass tourism. It is a little-known, unusual and different Paris that we make discover every day.


The real Paris of today

Of course our journeys are full of memories and stories, but they are above all witnesses of the true Paris of today.


The « most » of Paris Canal cruises

  • Trained and experienced crew
  • Excellent on board service
  • Special attention to passenger comfort and safety
  • Discounts for groupes, families, students and seniors
  • 40 years of experience  in the organization of custom cruises
  • Cruises with unique routes and stopovers in Paris and throughout Paris region

Our regular cruises


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On sundays

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