Paris Discovery Cruise

Boat trip in the heart of the most beautiful monuments of Paris

Paris Canal is the only Parisian boats company to benefit from a marina in front of the Orsay Museum, close to the National Assembly and the Pont de la Concorde, at the beginning of boulevard Saint Germain.
From this unique location, you will sail towards the East of Paris, along the Ile de la Cité, where you will find the Courthouse, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, the Ile Saint-Louis and its remarkable mansions, you will see the Arab World Institute, the French National Library, the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Bercy.


Returning to the West, you will discover the Paris City Hall, the Conciergerie, along the Louvre museum and the Tuileries garden, pass under the Concorde bridge and the spectacular Alexandre III bridge. You will then get closer to the splendid Eiffel Tower, the absolute symbol of Paris, which you will see in a unique light.


Finally, you will arrive to the replica of the Statue of Liberty where the boat will turn back to the center of Paris, along the Invalides and the National Assembly.

The main monuments of the Seine
  • Cité Island, Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • French National Library
  • The City Hall of Paris, the Conciergerie
  • The Louvre museum and Tuileries gardens
  • The Eiffel Tower

Cruise available for groups
From 40 persons

visite cathedrale en bateau


From 17 euros per person

Optional :

Breakfast, afternoon tea, glass of champagne, petits fours…

Pratical Information

Duration of the cruise : 2 hours

Departure : Solférino Marina (Orsay Museum)

Arrival : Solférino  Marina (Orsay Museum)

Languages : Guided cruise in french and english

Cruise available for groups

From 40 persons

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Private Cruise

If you want to introduce Paris to a group of foreign or provincial friends or colleagues, this cruise is for you ! By privatizing one of our boats on the Seine you will be captain during your event and can, with us, organize at best this exceptional moment in the heart of Paris. We can of course advise you and provide you with additional services such as catering for a dinner, cocktail, musical entertainment, DJ…

The charm of Paris Canal boats

Paris Canal offers boats of human size, in modular room fitting, on which you can often move from the lower deck to the upper deck to admire the monuments of Paris from different angles. Our comments are not pre-recorded, they are provided by professional and experienced sailors-guides to whom you can ask the questions you want and who will be happy to interact with you.

Solferino Marina, a unique location

You will embark in the heart of Paris, between the Concorde bridge and the pedestrian bridge that leads to the Louvre Museum. You are close to the Latin Quarter and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. But you are mainly at the foot of the Orsay museum. Why not take the opportunity to visit this exceptional museum before or after your cruise ?

The most beautiful view of Paris

A cruise on the Seine offers you the chance to see all the great monuments of Paris with a particular point of view.

From the river, the monuments are majestic.  You are sailing away from the clutter and tumult of the city, while you are in its heart.

You see the architecture of Paris in its best light, the points of view are clear, the monuments seem to be there only for you, and the comments make you discover unknown facets of their history.

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