A special occasion to celebrate on a cruise ?

For all occasions, renting a boat in Paris is always a good idea !

A birthday with friends, a baptism, a wedding proposal, a bachelor party, a retirement party, a wedding anniversary, a family party or simply the desire to meet again !


Offer an exceptional setting to your event! What could be more unusual and exceptional than a private cruise on the Seine, the Marne or the Parisian canals. From the water, before the beauty of monuments and landscapes, time stops and becomes a wonderful memory.


Take full advantage of the City of Light aboard one of our private boats. During your cruise, you will discover the obvious: Paris is the heart of the world, and you are in the heart of Paris !


Paris Canal help you in the realization of the festive cruise of your dreams. We will adapt together to your wishes and budget, each service: the boat, the cruise, the menu, the entertainment, the decoration.


Discover below some of our private cruise packages, then ask us for a first quote that will serve as a basis for our dialogue to carry out together an event in your image. Our 45 years of experience and intimate business approach will make the difference

Our private cruise offers

apéro entre amis

Happy hour with family or friends 

  • Private boat for your family reunion
  • 2 hour service, cruise from 1h to 2h30
  • Cruise on the Seine or on the Ourcq canal
  • Buffet of delicatessen, cheese, raw vegetables, 2 glasses of wine or beer, softs drinks and 1 waiter  for 50 people
  • Sound equipment included

Family Brunch

  • Private boat for your brunch
  • 3 hours service, cruise on the Seine, Canal St Martin or Ourcq from 1h to 2h30
  • Sweet, salty brunch, 1 glass of wine, softs and 1 waiter for 50 people
  • Sound equipment included

Casual buffet cruise

  • Private boat for your event
  • 5-hour service, from 1 to 3 hour cruise on the Seine, Canal St-Martin or Ourcq
  • Cold buffet, 3 glasses of wine, softs drinks and 1 waiter for 50 people
  • Sound equipment included

Relaxing cruise and afternoon snack

  • Private boat for your afternoon
  • 3 hours service and cruise from 1h to 2h30
  • Cruise on the Seine, Saint-Martin or Ourcq canal
  • 6 sweet  petits fours cocktail, 1 glass of champagne, softs drinks and 1 waiter for 50 people
  • Sound equipment included

Festive cocktail cruise

  • Private boat for your evening
  • 5 hours service, cruise of 2h30
  • Cruise on the Seine, the Saint Martin or Ourcq canal
  • 20 petits fours cocktail, 1 cocktail glass, 2 glasses of wine, 1 glass of champagne, birthday cake and 1 waiter for 50 people.

Customize your event

bateau fête amis

In order for your event to be friendly and festive, we can of course adapt this packages to your wishes and options can be added or modified.


  • the boat and its course
  • the menu and drinks
  • the entertainement : dj live music, magician, culinary activities, casino
  • the decoration
  • fitting and equipment: tables, chairs
  • wifi
  • tv, screen
  • lights
cocktail anniversaire croisière

Your boat

La Guêpe Buissonnière

Bateau en balade sur les bords de Marne

La Guêpe Buissonnière welcomes your family events up to 100 people for lunch, dinner, 80 buffet and 130 people for a cocktail. More details about this boat : Guêpe Buissonnière

Le Canotier

bateau le canotier tour Eiffel

Le Canotier hosts family celebrations for up to 80 people for lunch – dinner, 60 buffet and 100 people for a cocktail. More details about this boat : Le Canotier

Le Martin Pêcheur

Martin Pêcheur canal saint martin écluse

Le Martin-Pêcheur welcomes your friendly meals up to 50 people for lunch or dinner, 40 for a seated buffet and 80 people for a cocktail. More details about this boat : Le Martin Pecheur

anniversaire bateau paris

Whatever your project, we help you to perfect your atmosphere and your service to guarantee you a successful reception.

Whether it’s an aperitif, brunch, snack, lunch or a festive evening, treat your family and friends to an unforgettable cruise.

Our dedicated sales department will helps you and advise you step by step until the perfect realization of your family or friendly party.

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