Croisière en Famille

Special offer : family cruise !

Up to 27% discount for a family of 4 people

A family outing in Paris to do absolutely! An educational and entertaining cruise, ideal for children, young and old! Embark on a unique adventure aboard our boat!


Our company, Paris Canal loves families

So, we decided to give them a real boost on the daily cruise from the Seine to the Canal Saint Martin:

For any booking of 4 people from the same family, 2 adults or seniors and 2 children or youth, we offer 18€ discount on the total price of the 4 cruises. This is a discount of up to 27%. Enjoy!


How do I get the family discount? 

It ‘s very simple  : Book 4 people for the cruise on the Saint-Martin canal on this web site, by clicking on the chosen date, and specifying well the adults, seniors, children or young people who are part of the adventure. Then, check the  « Family Special 4 people and more » option. Your price will be reduced by 18€ instantly, and you can confirm your booking with this discount. 

We trust you, but we reserve the right to our crews to verify identity cards when boarding


Children’s paradise :

The Seine Cruise and Canal Saint Martin is particularly well suited for children.

Instructive, it allows to discover a part of Paris unknown, to understand the operation of locks, swing bridges and to see the most beautiful monuments of Paris from the Seine. Our cruises are commented by our specialized sailor guides, and allow to learn more about the history of the Canal Saint Martin and some of its anecdotes.

Entertaining, the cruise is a real spectacle.Watching the locks fill and empty is a fascinating and rare moment. The discovery of the port of Paris (The port of the Arsenal) is really exotic.


Surprise for the big ones :

The big ones, too, are celebrating, because they discover or rediscover Paris in a new light, knowing that Paris Canal is the only company that combines in the same cruise the navigation on the Canal Saint martin and a course in the Seine in the heart of Paris.

The « plus » of the Seine and Saint Martin canal cruise for families 

  • Trained and experienced crews
  • Attention to safety and comfort
  • Discovering how the canal works
  • Arrival on the Seine and the Arsenal Marina
  • The most beautiful monuments of Paris
  • Up to 27% discount

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