Bateau la Guêpe Buissonnière sur Marne

Our cruises on the Marne

The Marne : The romanticism of Paris region !

A boat cruise on the Marne is a real break in the tumult of Parisian life, that will leave you an exceptional memory.


Sail along the peaceful banks of the Marne and discover the history of the villages that made the beautiful days of the Guinguettes.


We offer your several unusual day river cruises : guided lunch cruise along the Marne loop, cruise with picnic or cruise with lunch in a famous Guinguette !


Find below details on each of our country boat trips on the Marne

Cruises on the Marne

Lunch cruise on the Marne

Enjoy an exceptional moment and have a lunch cruise with family, friends or lovers while discovering the Parisian East : Orsay Museum, Louvre, Saint-Louis island, the Saint Maurice lock operation, the banks of Maisons Alfort and l’île du Moulin Brulé ( burned mill) – The famous loop of the Marne, Bonneuil and its harbor, l’île du Moulin bateau and along the water let you tell the story of the villages that made the beautiful days of the Guinguettes !

Our group cruises on the Marne

Picnic and cruise on the Marne

A fabulous moment of relaxation with our picnic cruise : Magical view of Paris and its monuments – Charm of the bucolic banks of the Marne – Discover the atmosphere of the Guinguettes – Casual picnic by the water – Boat with covered area and outdoor terrace – Stunning views of the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame de Paris…

Cruise and lunch “chez Gégène”

After your morning cruise, the famous Guinguette Chez Gégène is waiting for you for lunch or a dancing lunch. What you will discover along the water : Solférino Marina, Orsay Museum, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, saint Maurice lock, the tunnel of Saint-Maur, Joinville-le-Pont – the Guinguette Chez Gégène

Organize your outing with family, friends or colleagues and go on a cruise !

You will benefit from offers and special rates from 15 people. Some of our cruises on the Seine, the Canal Saint-Martin, the Canal de l’Ourcq or the Canal Saint-Denis are scheduled for groups from 40 people whatever the date.


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